Neodymium ring magnets

Neodymium ring magnets are one of the most widely used magnet shapes and can be found in motors, medical, earphones, other commercial and industrial products. The different inner holes, it is divided into ordinary rings and countersunk rings. According to the magnetic direction, it is divided into axial ring, radial ring and radial ring.

Due to the use of NdFeB, even the lowest performance N35 has very strong suction. Because many customers who buy neodymium ring magnets think that its suction is the same as that of ferrite magnets. So we suggest that guests can try N35 first.

Where to buy neodymium ring magnets?

It is very easy to neodymium ring magnets from the local and online stores.

But you some things you should know:

  • It’s hard to find magnets that exactly meet your needs in size, grade, and coating at your local or online store.

Normally, you can only buy similar ones. This means that you need to be deficient in some way. For example, you need N38 nickel-plated neodymium ring magnets. But most of the time, local stores or online stores are likely to only have N40 Ni-plated M4 ring magnets or N38 Zn-plated M4 ring magnets. This is because they are based on the need of most of the customers in the market. Purchased from magnet manufacturers in advance due to demand. There are too many factors for magnets, and it is impossible to prepare all styles.

  • Place an order with China manufacturer or trader

In some cases, you have strict requirements for magnets. We suggest you place an order at a China factory. That is the best solution. And you don’t need to worry about the MOQ, lots of China manufacturers do not have MOQ.

  • buy special neodymium ring magnets, China factory is the only Choice.

As we know China export over 60% neodymium magnet over the world. China has skilled workers, so whether it is micro magnets or large-size neodymium magnets. suitable suppliers can be found. You can also contact Gooston to purchase custom magnets.

What should I pay attention to when buying neodymium ring magnets  ?


Magnetic Direction


What should I pay attention to when using screws with countersunk magnets?

Many people use countersunk magnets and screws when doing woodworking. However, because people do not have enough understanding of the attraction force of magnets, accidents are often prone to occur. Therefore, we hereby remind all consumers to pay attention to:
1.The biggest secret to use the neodymium ring magnets- set your drill/driver on low torque, do NOT screw these in firmly, they will break.
2. Keep the two separate magnets at a distance, otherwise they will magnetize together and explode. We have seen this review on
“I needed this to drag audio lines behind a wall. It worked great.
But I got another magnet near it and they connected with such force that it exploded in a shower of sparks and it shattered. Did not know that magnets had such potential kinetic energy that they could explode”

Neodymium ring magnets