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Gooston is specialized in the field of permanent magnets, their applications and all kinds of industrial solutions that incorporate these magnetic alloys in any variety (metal magnets, ceramics, rare earths, plastics, etc.) In the same way, also specializes in the field of electromagnetism and its utilities.

More than 60 years of experience

Thanks to you we can look back with pride and continue with the philosophy that made us a great brand .

Rich production experience

We have know how to produce the magnets and delivery the magnets

Technical office at your service

We can solve any technical issue that may arise.

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We have a large amount of material in stock , to cover all your needs.

Very competitive prices

We care to get you the best price on high quality products .

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We will help you choose the application that best suits your needs.

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At Gooston we have a wide range of magnets and magnetic product



Magnetic Systems

magnetic systems

Rubber Magnets

rubber magnets

Committed to quality
At Gooston we carry an excellent line of strong magnets, which make up a significant portion of our inventory and products. As we well know that a magnet comprises a mineral or, failing that, a metallic stone that has the peculiarity of attracting pieces of iron, it also attracts pieces made of nickel and cobalt.

The tradition of the Gooston brand
Our company, from the tradition of the Gooston brand , applies all its experience in technological development and productivity improvement, thus ensuring high quality for its customers.

Our technical team
The technical sales team of Gooston, has extensive experience in the application and use of magnets and magnetic devices , and will surely find the simplest, most appropriate and effective solution to any problem in this field. be raised

magnetic bases

Supplier of magnets for various sectors

At  Gooston  we produce and supply magnets and magnetic solutions for various industrial sectors