Where has Neodymium Magnets for Sale?

Neodymium are the cheap kind of rare-earth magnets and are the strongest one. The neodymium magnets are manufactured from the unique combination of the alloy of iron, boron and neodymium. These magnets are primarily used in the magnetic hold downs, jewelry clasps, hard drives and in the electric motors for the cordless tools because of the compactness and the strength of these permanent magnets. Neodymium magnets have a wider application and due to the vast application, large number of factories have started manufacturing neodymium magnets, and these permanent magnets are being produced in every size and shape.

Being rich in the raw materials for production of neodymium magnets, China has a larger number of industries that are producing the neodymium magnets in bulks. Now many companies have started selling their neodymium magnetic products, online. And most of the neodymium magnet they are selling is N35 grade. But anyway, this way they are earning a lot. For purchasing the normal size and normal shaped neodymium magnets, you can go for the local markets and can purchase online. The companies that have set their neodymium magnetic products business online, they have also set their prices according to the requirements of the customers. You can also purchase normal or the common neodymium magnets of normal size and shape from the sale from the local markets and from the websites.

N35 neodymium magnet

Some Chinese websites do not show they offer retail service. But they carry a large inventory of the rare-earth neodymium magnets that are available for the immediate online purchase at the bulk discounted prices. They just do not good at building the website and have no idea how to ship.  These have lots of discs neodymium magnets on the stock. Sizes are available in wide range along with the premium grades and finishes. And if you do not find the desired or required shape or size, you can go on the contact their page of the websites for complete queries, because usually not all of the neodymium magnets are displayed on the websites.  If you are company or factory, want to buy N35 grade magnet, we advise you to check with osenc.com.We bought N35 disc magnets many times. The quality is good, and the price is nice. But just look like not good at shipping. They ship the goods via HK, and 2-3 times, parcel was rejected. But they will handle it, and need wait extra few days.

When you are in need of the custom neodymium magnets and high grades, you cannot purchase from the websites, online stores or locally. For this, you should always go for the Chinese factories. Being rich in the availability of the raw materials for neodymium magnets, China has a large number of industries that are manufacturing custom neodymium magnets in bulks. These Chinese factories can custom manufacture neodymium magnets for the sake of fitting to your exact specifications by using their team of experienced engineers and their in-house global manufacturing facilities. If you are with special requirements, then send them a request or contact them. They will surely help you in determining the most convenient and economical solution for the project. For the technical applications, they also manufacture custom magnetic assemblies.

The Chinese companies have also set the sale for their neodymium magnetic products purchase for the ease of the customers. This makes buying or purchase very convenient for their customers. They update their online stores from time to time. Always go for Chinese factories while buying the neodymium magnets as they never compromise on quality, yet they provide the maximum quality in relatively low prices.