What’s the Strongest Magnet?

The strongest permanent magnets available in world are the neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are manufactured from the magnetic material that is made from an alloy of the iron, boron and neodymium for forming the Nd2Fe14B structure. The neodymium magnets are considered as member of family of the rare earth magnets as their main element is rare element, the neodymium. Contrary to their name, the rare earth elements are quite abundant in Earth’s crust, but they are found rarely in their concentrated form rather they are dispersed typically with other elements.

The other strong magnet of the rare earth magnet is the Samarium Cobalt (SmCo). The magnets Samarium Cobalt were produced before the neodymium magnets and they have greater resistance towards corrosion and these magnets can efficiently operate and maintain their unique performance at the higher temperatures. Sometimes dysprosium traces, rare earth element are added to samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets to increase their performance. But neodymium magnets are considered strongest of all.

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Reasons behind the neodymium magnet’s strength

Neodymium magnets are very strong because of they

  • Possess the property of high levels of the magnetic saturation which enables them to create or generate the large magnetic fields and also
  • Possess resistance against demagnetization which is also known as coercivity.
  • The most important one is the tetragonal crystal structure Nd2Fe14B and possess extraordinary high and uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy.
  • Diamagnetic boron atoms actually do not give contribution directly to magnetism, but it improves cohesion by the strong covalent bonding.
  • The strength of the magnet is represented through the maximum energy product value which is BHmax that is measured in the Mega Gauss Oerstd (MGOe). The maximum energy product is the product of the coercivity (Hc) and remanence (Br).

Because of the strength of the neodymium magnet, even the tiny neodymium magnets can be very effective. This feature also makes them versatile, incredibly. In the today’s modern world, almost all of us have the neodymium magnet whether it is placed in any equipment or may be present in speakers at your home, and even if not then definitely it is in your hands as you are reading this text in your smart phones. They are so strong that they can even shatter if they are placed very close to each other.

Neodymium magnet is the strongest type of the permanent magnet that is commercially available. Because of the different manufacturing and producing processes, neodymium magnets are also divided into the two sub-categories:

  • Bonded NdFeB magnets.
  • Sintered NdFeB magnets.

They have replaced other magnetic types in modern products in many of the applications because of their strength and performance, as the latest tools and devices require the strong magnets. They are used in hard disk drives, cordless tools, motors and in the magnetic fasteners.

In addition, greater strength of the neodymium magnets has inspired the new applications in areas where the magnets were not essentially used earlier, like the magnetic jewelry clasps and the children’s magnetic building sets and also in the parachute equipment. They are also now implanted in fingertips to provide the sensory perception of the magnetic fields.